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Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros 3s


Cigar Details
Marca Jose L.Piedra
Length 4 3/4 inch / 121 mm
Ring Ø 48
Qty in box 3
Gauge Thick
Manufacture Hand made
Country Cuba
Format Coronas Extra

Product description

The Jose L. Piedra Petit Caballeros is “Hermoso Corto” Sized with a length of 120mm and a ring gauge of 48 and are available in bundles of 12 cigars at a price of 50.40 Swiss Francs per bundle and in étuis of 3 cigars at a price of 12.60 Swiss Francs per étui. The Habanos brand JLP, is presented with a new and more modern image. The logo is simplified and combined with the actual design of the bands and historical trimmings, gaining a better look and a fresh image. Right now, the new image is mainly focused in the packaging and image of the brand and in the future we will apply also the bands.
SKU: JP.006000