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In 2006, a successful & adventurous Premium Beer Pioneer was fortunate enough to stumble upon the little-known wonder of Granada, Nicaragua.

Captivated by the rich culture of the oldest Colonial City in the Americas, he discovered the true essence of Nicaragua, the spirit of the people and the beauty of their surroundings. With Volcanoes, Oceans and Island-filled lakes, the real secret was Nicaragua’s extraordinary Volcanic soil blessed with the finest Tobacco’s in the world.

Climbing to the peak of Volcan Mombacho, with only a fine Nicaraguan Cigar in hand and with the brilliance of Granada as a backdrop, the Cigar was blissfully cut & lit. This not only allowed for pause & reflection on the impact of this journey but brought about the very first Mombacho Moment and it was clear this experience had to be shared with the world.

Mombacho Cigars was born!

Foundation year: 2006 Tobacco factory: Casa Favilli
Records found: 2