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Oliva is much more than a cigar brand, it is a family. Beginning in the late 1800’s, when Melanio Oliva planted his first crop, Cuba was just coming into its own as a producer of world class tobacco. At Oliva Cigars, we are committed to continuing the legacy handed down from generation to generation, and we have no plans to hold back. The Oliva family has had to search for the perfect ground to grow our Cuban seed tobacco and it was not easy to find the right spot. Gilberto Oliva searched far and wide from Panama to the Philippines in order to find the soil that would produce a crop that was up to his standards. As you can see, we do not compromise on quality.

Old World Values

Tobacco was one of the key products that fueled the Columbian Exchange. Tobacco is native to Cuba and most of the Caribbean, so it was only natural that the early Spanish explorers were fascinated by it effects. The natives in South and Central America were smoking what closely resemble the cigars that we enjoy today. These primitive cigars were chopped tobacco wrapped in a tobacco leaf. So, not much different than the way Oliva crafts its cigars to this day. Of course, the popularity of tobacco fueled the entire industry and Cuba became a destination due to its high-quality native tobacco plants. It is from this stock that Oliva tobacco originated.

Late in the 19th century the tobacco industry began to leave Cuba due to instability which is never good for business.

New World Experience

Times were tough in Cuba in the late 19th and 20th century, particularly when the Cuban Revolution came to pass. Though 75 years in Cuba had taught the family how to grow and care for exceptional tobacco, it was time to find a new home for the family business. It was then that Oliva Cigars truly came into the new world and began searching for a place to call home for the entire operation. Nicaragua was where the family finally settled and began the legendary operation that we have today. Through much adversity, Oliva has become recognized as one of the premier cigar makers in the world. As with any legacy, it only is carried along by the talent of the next generation and Oliva Cigars is not an exception.

Family Values

Through all of the last 133 years there has been an Oliva at the helm and this has allowed us to craft what experts have recognized as some of the finest cigars ever produced. We continue to produce what we feel are the best cigars money can buy and we know that many experts agree. Regardless of whether you are looking for an easy smoking treat for a special occasion or the perfect after-dinner smoke, we have the ideal cigar for you. If you close your eyes and slowly inhale an Oliva, you can taste the roots of our company all the way back to those ancient Cuban farmers and their hand wrapped tobacco in rough leaves. Grab an Oliva at your favorite tobacconist and taste the difference.

Foundation year: 1920 Tobacco factory: Oliva Cigar Co
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