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The VegaFina brand is still alive and kicking. Made at Tabacalera de Garcia in the Dominican Republic. The brand is a staple in many European cigar stores. And joined the Chinese zodiac calendar bandwagon as well as regional editions. Such as the VegaFina Exclusivo Benelux, which we reviewed not too long ago.

For the new line, Altadis brags that the tobacco is at least 3 years old. But that’s not that special. Most new world cigars use tobacco which is older. But Altadis is part of Imperial Brands. Imperial Brands is 50% owner of Habanos. And Habanos gets away with calling young tobacco “reserva” so Altadis is trying the same trick for VegaFina. And by adding 1998 to the name, plus calling the line ‘aged’ in their communication, they are confusing consumers.

Foundation year: 1998 Tobacco factory: Tabacalera de Garcia
Records found: 7