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The name in itself causes a rise in the pulse of every premium cigar enthusiast. Hallmark to the brand is their Cuban-seed, Nicaraguan-grown tobaccos aged between 2½ years and 10 years - producing four of the most sought-after smokes on the market. Flavor is the name of the game here, as is made with an eye to complexity and consistency; but in limited annual production, keeping these premiums at the peak of their flavor.

The Padron's family legacy dates back over a century to their native Cuba. But when 36 year-old José found himself as a refugee in Miami in 1962, he was given a hammer and took up work as a carpenter with the dream to save some money and ""open a factory to make great cigars, like the ones we used to smoke in Cuba."" Two years later, and with $600 in his pocket, Padron Cigars Miami opened their doors. Today, the company's manufacturing process is integrated in a way that gives them strict control over the often-quoted quality and consistency of their smokes; and that's everything, from the selection and planting of the tobacco seedlings to the rolling to the final quality checks.

Foundation year: 1964 Tobacco factory: La Estancia
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