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Epicure No.1 1X3

$65.00 $60.00

Cigar Details
Marca Hoyo de Monterrey
Length 5 5/8 inch / 143 mm
Ring Ø 46
Qty in box 3
Gauge Thick
Manufacture Hand made
Country Cuba
Format Corona Gorda

Product description

The Epicure 1 is indeed a fine tasting cigar with a very good draw and even burn after just 2 years storage. Although not the nicest looking cigar in the cabinet, with some wrinkly skin, this cigar has great flavours. A nice compromise of all that is great about Cuban cigars is to be found here. Not too spicy or too leathery, with light herbal notes. With over half of these still in my cabinet, I am excited to see what a couple more years can do.
SKU: HO.002000